Sangat Island Tour

We visited Sangat Island in our third day in Coron. Our first target was Lusong Gunboat wreck near Calumbuyan Island. I am not really into shipwrecks unlike Malen who really enjoyed feeding the fishes. I know there is so much to explore down there. Tons of different fishes and corals but It wasn’t fun for me. The water is very shallow, the doors, rooms and corridors were still visible though and it really looks creepy. I gathered all my courage to dive into those corridors, it was wonderful but the eerie feeling wont go away and I ended up kayaking instead. Certainly, divers will love the wrecks in Coron. It’s just not my thing.

"The shortcut to Lusong Island"

Kinda Scary. See those faces? lol

Lost in Calumbuyan Island. Where to Park? :P

Next stop: Coral Garden. Another mysterious diving spot packed with sea life. It was thrilling and creepy at the same time. I attempted to go underwater but I don’t see fishes as much as Lusong wreck could offer. I just grabbed the camera and took some pictures.

Opps. Sorry. It should be Coral Garden, Not Oral Garden. My bad! haha!

Take two! Alright this looks better and even sounds better. :)

Spotted: Floating guardhouse of expensive Pearls.

We headed to Sangat Island, it’s a White sand beach with native cottages and the whole area is bordered by gigantic lime stones and my much loved coconut trees. There are native accommodations available for overnight. Sadly, this was our last day in Coron. We had our lunch there. We rented an open cottage with table and long chairs for PHP100. This time we brought good dishes for lunch. We had Chicken and Pork Adobo, Fried Tilapia, Red Regs with Tomatoes and Onions, Rice, Coke, water and Matador.

The beautiful Sangat Island

Starfishes in a heart shape form. Really Cute

If you;re tired of snorkeling and diving, try Jet Skiing.

Exhausted of Diving? Try a not so hardcore spelunking still located in Sangat. :)

We checked another area for diving; the dive spot is called Kogyo Maru, it’s a Japanese Cargo ship that was sunk by US aircraft during the WWII. Seriously, I’ve never known this in my Philippine History Class. Truly I’m glad that Kuya Allan our boatman is really nice and conversationalist. I’m delighted to know such history piece. The area is too deep, I saw tons of fishes and I wanted to explore more but I felt like drowning. Last thing I know, I found myself eating pork adobo and rice. Hahaha!

On our way to Sea Dive, we saw a massive of gigantic jelly fish; it looks like they are glowing at night as we watched them from the boat and for the first time in my life I learned to appreciate jelly fish. It surely was a glow in the dark moment.

How to get there?

Boat Rental: PHP 2000
You may text: 09098851003